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This is a Unique Workshop...
Here's What and How You'll Learn

Image by Chuck Kuhlman - Previous Alaska Workshop Cruise Attendee
Image by Chuck Kuhlman - Previous Alaska Workshop Cruise Attendee

For the past decade we've been teaching our workshop attendees how to make great images by showing them how professionals approach assignments. It's not complicated; it's just the process of going through the right mental checklist before clicking the shutter to make sure your photographs will be more than just snapshots.

Once you become aware of what to think about before you shoot, every shot you make will be under your control. You will immediately begin to create beautiful images that are uniquely yours because you'll know how to approach each subject like a professional photographer -- one who has to produce knock-out pictures every time.

The workshop is structured to achieve two goals: To show you how to shoot travel, nature and documentary images of professional quality and to discuss photographic topics you're interested in learning more about. There will be ample time to achieve both objectives -- as well as time to relax, have fun and soak up the ambiance of our Alaska ports of call.

You'll learn to recognize good subject possibilities as well as those that are not. You'll begin to understand the simple elements that must be present (and that many photographers overlook) to guarantee dramatic images of landscapes, natural scenery, wildlife, people and places.

Image by Timothy Larson - Previous Alaska Workshop Cruise Attendee
Image by Timothy Larson - Previous Alaska Workshop Cruise Attendee

Most evenings and during portions of the two days the ship is at sea, the images you've shot will be viewed and you'll receive feedback in an enjoyable, laid-back atmosphere -- a process that will rapidly increase your visual awareness. As one former attendee commented about our teaching methods and review sessions: "They were very effective -- everyone's photography skills began to improve dramatically in just a few days."

Questions you ask during the viewing of your images and in other sessions that cover technical and esthetic subjects allow the curriculum to be custom-tailored to your specific needs. That's the advantage of being in a small group; there's plenty of time to address questions and go into depth on the answers. Each attendee is given individual attention according to his or her level of experience which benefits all.

What you learn in this workshop will form the basis for going forward in the future with both an esthetic and technical mastery that you can build on to continually become a better photographer. You'll receive the proper foundation to enable you to recognize great potential images and then, with confidence, capture them.

NOTE: Many of our former workshop attendees have become prize-winning amateurs and professional photographers.