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This service is provided free of charge. If you have an item to sell, choose the category which best fits your item. TO POST A PHOTO with your ad, see #3 below.


Digital Cameras & Accessories

Printers & Scanners

Computers & Peripherals (PC)

Computers & Peripherals (Mac)

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Dealer Ads- New Merchandise, Digital Prints, Other Services All dealers may place free ads for used equipment in any category. However, only current display advertisers at dpcorner may advertise new merchandise and services here at no charge. Others will be billed monthly at $1.00 per word. To become a regular display advertiser contact: for rates.


Print out this page and keep it handy:

1. As a buyer, seller, or trader, be sure to pick the correct category for your ad.

2. After you consummate your deal you may remove your ad by using a password entered at the time you posted your ad. Otherwise, ads will automatically be removed after 30 days.

3. Post a picture with your ad. You'll need a URL to post a picture. This can be the location of the picture at your own site or from any other site, such as an album on a photo-sharing site.

4. Either way, COPY this URL and then PASTE it into the "IMAGE URL" field when posting your ad. Then, each time your ad is accessed, the picture will come up with it.

5. If you want to post several pictures, either gang them together and scan them as one photo, or post one with your ad and give URLs to the others in the body text of your ad.

6. If you have your own site on which you’ve displayed pictures or a more complete description, you can input your site’s name and address in the "Link Title" and "Link URL" fields and a viewer can just click in the body of your ad to get there.

7. DEALERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO POST ADS provided they place "DEALER" at the end of their ad or include the name of their company. Many good deals are to be had from dealers who have taken good previously-owned equipment in trade. And many dealers offer a warranty on used equipment.

To Ad Categories

Here’s what to put in your ad so it will attract attention and readers can respond to it quickly.

Remember to keep your HEADLINE short so it can be read easily.

In the BODY of the Ad, be sure to include:

1. Manufacturer and model.

2. Type of equipment, Scanner, Digicam, Printer, etc.

3. Condition: New (only if never sold or used). Excellent. Good. Fair. Poor.

4. Description and any extras that are included.

5. Asking price followed by either Firm or OBO (Or Best Offer).

6. Who is to pay for shipping and insurance. CONUS means Continental U.S. (which does NOT include Alaska or Hawaii).

7. State if there a time period for the buyer to check out the equipment and a money back guarantee (MBG) if it does not meet their expectations.

Here are two good examples:

Headline : Nikon CP 900
Body of Ad: Excellent. Lens cap, case, 8 NiMH batteries and charger. Used very little. Buyer pays shipping. 10-day MBG $475 OBO. (123) 456-7890 after 9 p.m. EST. Ask for Dan.

Headline: Microtech E-3 Scanner
Body of Ad: Works great but looks a little beat. (See photo.) 300dpi, glass perfect, written documentation. Includes OCR (word recognition) program. Great for web work. Will split ground shipping anywhere in CONUS. $95 Firm.

8. You may also list a phone number and a time when you are available.

9. If you place a "Wanted" or "For Trade" ad in a specific category, start the headline with the words "Wanted" or "For Trade."

10. You don’t have to write online! Take your time and compose your ad in any word processor. Then COPY it and PASTE it into the "Ad" field.

To Ad Categories


After the seller and buyer agree on a price and who is to pay for shipping, the seller will ship to the buyer on a COD basis and the buyer is expected to pay by cash, money order, or certified bank check. If the seller offers a money-back guarantee (MBG), the buyer then usually has a pre-agreed-upon number of days to check out the equipment. If the equipment is not satisfactory, the buyer contacts the seller to discuss the return of the equipment or some other mutually agreed arrangement.


Honesty is the best policy. It is better to surprise the buyer with equipment in better shape than advertised, than the other way around. The Digital PhotoCorner classified ads are for USED equipment only or for equipment owned by individuals that has never been used. Any ads for new equipment placed by dealers will be removed, unless paid for at our usual rates.(Contact for rates.)


The Digital PhotoCorner acts only as a bridge between buyers, sellers, and traders and shall not be responsible for checking the accuracy or truth of statements made by any parties posting ads, the present or past business practices of individuals or companies; nor shall it arbitrate or mediate any disputes between parties. All transactions are at the, sole, respective risks of the parties involved. Digital PhotoCorner reserves the right to remove ads from the classified section for any reason whatsoever and without prior or subsequent notice to parties placing the ads. Sellers, buyers, and traders agree to hold Digital PhotoCorner harmless from any actions or disputes arising from the use of this service. By posting an ad at this site, you are indicating your agreement with the above terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please do not post your ad(s) here.

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